martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

Gijinkadex: a Pokémon gijinka fan artbook

Our very first original project will be a Pokémon gijinka fan artbook. A gijinka is an anthropomorphic aspect or creature: Pokémon, in this case.

Introducing Gijinkadex.

An artbook we'll have on sale at Paris Japan Expo 2015, the biggest anime con in Europe. It'll be an A4-sized artbook, with care on the appearance and good paper quality. An essential artbook for every Pokémon fan out there, or if you just enjoy great character design.

And so, registrations for the artbook are now open. Please read carefully the following information if you're interested in registering.

Please send us an email to with:
- your nickname and website (whether it's dA, facebook, tumblr, pixiv or whatever)
- a link to a gallery showcasing your art
- the Pokémon you want to draw your gijinka. Please note that multiple gijinkas (of different Pokémon) can be present in the same illustration
We'll send back a reply stating whether you're in the project or not.

Please do not repeat species. We'll make a list with every artist and their chosen species here.
Shiny and Mega Pokémon are counted differently. If an artist takes a species, you can draw its shiny or Mega form instead if you wish.

Art will be as follows:
- A4-sized (210x297 mm), 300dpi minimum
- color in CMYK *new* we also accept RGB
- tiff or psd formats

We'll value art composition and coherence.
You can submit:
- a half-body gijinka, with a simple or transparent background (png format). A page will contain four of these.
- a full-body gijinka, with an elaborate background, which will take up a whole page (or two in a double-page setup if you wish. If your illustration takes up two pages, make sure there aren't any important elements in the middle of the art). There may be Pokémon (not gijinkas) in the illustration as pets or wild animals if you wish.

The submission deadline is on April 30th 2015.

We're awaiting your great art!

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