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Lily & Rose 2 (English)

After an astonishing first issue with tons of sales, it's time to think about the second issue of Lily & Rose 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Let's go, shall we?

"Yaoi AND yuri in a single comic book? Are you guys mad?"
We sold like one hundred books in a four-day con. If this is being mad, yes we love being mad.

"Are you guys making an English version?"
Yes! Though it's set for release in mid-2018, just like the first issue. Due to the fact that English comics will have to be translated into Spanish for the Spanish release, the deadline for international artists is a week earlier.

"So, can I masturbate with this? :3"
Well, it depends on your tastes. :3 Actually, this comic book will be rated for ages 16+. This means that, while you can show naked people doing sexual acts, no actual sex organs will be shown (other than breasts). We prefer that artists focus on stories rather than sex.

"Who are the cover artists?"
Noriko Hayashi is in charge of yuri, and Saisha does the yaoi side.


Looks cool! I want to participate!

Sorry! Registrations are closed as we reached the target pages (100 for each side). See you in Lily & Rose 3?

Awesome! We expect you to read all the nitty-gritty details below, if possible.

We remind you that this is not a fan artbook, and as a fan comic book (aka doujinshi) we expect you to focus on the story rather than art quality. As such, we don't care about your art skills. If you feel confident in publishing your comic story, you're in.

Accepted formats:

  • PSD or TIFF. >> NO JPG <<
  • Put your text in a separate layer, and send us the font. We'll need this for the Spanish translation.
  • 300 dpi minimum
  • 158 x 220 mm size. This is A5 + 5mm margin each side. Orientation: portrait.
  • Comics have to be sent in Western reading format (left to right).
  • Black and white: grayscale, ink only, screentones, whatever...
Deadline:  Sunday, September 10th 2017

What are we looking for:

  • Comics. A doujinshi is made of comics, generally.
  • Illustrated fanfics. Like a regular text fanfic, but with at least one drawing per page. We have a limit of two fanfics per topic (two yaoi, two yuri). We will not accept any more fanfics when the limit is reached.
How do we want them:
  • It has to be rated ages 16 and up. You may not show genitals (you may show breasts). You may show sex scenes, but without any genitals. We prefer that you draw a pose that doesn't show genitals, instead of putting a black bar over them.
  • Fan art or original content, we don't mind either one.
  • Whatever you draw must contain EITHER yuri OR yaoi. Not both. (You can submit two different stories if you wish)
  • If your comic or fanfic has at least three pages, you must include an inner cover in black and white. An inner cover is like, a cover for your story, if it were published separately.


  • We will show your name and website in the comic book.
  • The PDF file, print-ready, for the artists.
  • If you live in Europe, a free copy of the printed book, shipped to you at no cost. If you live outside Europe, you will have to pay for shipping (in which case it might be cheaper to print the PDF at a local printing press).
Deadline: Sunday, September 10th 2017

Sounds good? Send us an email at with the subject "Lily & Rose 2" and the following:
- Your name or nickname
- A website (deviantArt, tumblr, facebook, etc.)
- The amount of pages you'll make and if yaoi or yuri (Example: Yuri, 6 pages)
We will answer you confirming your application.

When your work is complete, please submit it at with the subject "Lily & Rose 2 Submission".

Please, do not upload your works until the book is published. Thank you.

Thanks a lot for your participation!

Participants list
Yuri 123 | 100+n Yaoi

• Noriko Hayashi ( - yuri cover
• Saisha ( - yaoi cover
• Maricielo ( - yuri 20
• Ailish ( - yuri 5-10
• Kukumomo ( - yaoi 10
• Kimiko Yokoyami ( - yuri 23
• SaraDeek ( - yaoi 4
• Doromaya ( - yaoi 5
• A.D. Sanika ( - yaoi 16
• SunflowersHero ( - yaoi 5-10
• Ganímedes (Lykos & Galemys) - yaoi 18
• Galemys ( - yuri 9
• Mi-eau ( - yuri 2
• Spiny21 ( - yaoi 23
• RockGaara ( - yaoi 10
• Nephiam ( - yaoi 7
• Amateratsu ( - yuri 9
• AIK ( - yuri 10-15
• yami11 ( & Someone in the blue ( - yaoi n
• Laurielle ( - yuri 4
• Ulises Lafuente ( - yuri 1
• Kaoru Gotsuyo - yuri 3-5
• YunkoYun ( - yuri 5-10
• Magnta ( - yuri 7
• Kitty ( - yuri 25

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