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Lily & Rose 3 (English)

We've done it again: Lily & Rose 2 was as successful as the first one. So we're going to keep making more, okay?

The third parts were always good.

"Yaoi AND yuri in the same package? Are you nuts?"
We sold 100 books in Barcelona's Manga Con 2016 (4 days) and 90 in the same event the next year (5 days). If that means we're nuts, we love being nuts.

"Are you making an English version this time?"
Not sure. It depends whether we go to two cons or just one in 2019. We'll keep you posted.

"So can I masturbate with this?"
Well, we don't have the right to tell you what can or cannot do with our book. :3 But stories are to be kept ages 16 and up. This means we're OK with sex and nudity, as long as no genitals are seen. We prefer you change the pose instead of putting a big, black bar over your bits.

"Who's drawing the covers?"
We have a few people in mind, but they will be selected personally. Stay tuned for more info.


Looks cool! I want to take part in it!

Awesome! Here you can find all the boring details you should read.

Let's remember this is not an artbook, so what we're looking for is a good story instead of superb art. However, this time around we're focusing a bit more on artistic quality in order to make the zine look more polished overall. That's why, if you haven't published in any Lily & Rose zine before, you should send us a link to your gallery with recent drawings. We'll decide whether you can participate or not based on what you send us. (Better if there are comics.)

  • PSD or TIFF. Not JPG!
  • Please send the text in a separate layer we can edit, and the font too. That way we'll be able to translate your comic into Spanish easily.
  • 300 dpi minimum.
  • Size: 158x220 mm. This is an A5 paper size plus 5 mm margin on each side. Orientation: portrait.
  • Comics have to be sent in Western reading format (left to right).
  • Black and white only (no colour)! How you do it is up to you: grayscale, ink only, screentones, whatever.

Deadline: Sunday, August 12th 2018

What do we want in the zine?
  • Comics: that's what a fanzine is about: comics and more comics.
  • Illustrated fics: so like a fanfic (or original fiction), but it must contain drawings (it should be 50% text and 50% art). There's a limit of two illustrated fics per side of the book. We won't allow any more when the limit is met.

How do we want it?
  • Keep it rated for ages 16 and up or lower. Sex and nudity is OK, but no naughty bits may be seen. Breasts are OK. We prefer you draw a pose in which genitals can't be seen instead of putting a big, black censor bar over them, but we'll allow both kinds of censorship.
  • We're OK with fanart and original works.
  • You can draw whatever setting you want as long as it's either yuri or yaoi. Please, not both in a single comic.
  • If your comic or fanfic has three or more pages, you must draw an inner cover.
  • Your comic must be contained within 30 or less pages, so we can have more authors in the zine. This is not a hard limit: we'll accept it if your story needs 31 or 32 pages.
  • If you took part in L&R 1 or 2, your story may not be a sequel or prequel. It may be a spinoff or a derived work, as long as it can be understand without the previous numbers.
  • Your story must be self-contained: it must start and finish in the story without having to use external media (e.g. it cannot be the first chapter of a webcomic series). If you run a webcomic, it's OK to draw a self-contained spinoff and then link to the original work. Readers must be able to understand the story without using external media.
  • Please ask if there's something that's not here.

  • Your website and name or nickname in the index.
  • A PDF of the book as soon as it's finished.
  • A free copy of the book sent to you anywhere in Europe. If you're outside Europe, you will have to pay for shipping (in which case it might be cheaper to just print the PDF locally).

Deadline: Sunday, August 12th 2018

What do you think? Are you up for it? If so, send us an email to with "Lily & Rose 3" as the subject with the following:
- Your name or nickname.
- A website we can link to (deviantArt, tumblr, facebook, whatever) so we can put it in the index.
- If it's the first time you apply for Lily & Rose: a link to your recent works so we can decide whether your art is good enough or not.
- The amount of pages and which of the two topics (yuri or yaoi).
We'll reply confirming whether you're in or not.

When your work is completed, send it to the same email ( with "Lily & Rose 3 submission" as the subject.
Also, please do not upload your work until the fanzine is released (keep an eye at the Valkyrie Canvas facebook page for that). Thank you.

Thank you very much for your participation!

List of participants: at the end of this entry.

yaoi 42 | 67 yuri

-Kukumomo : - 7 páginas yaoi
-kimi: - 15 paginas - yaoi
-Lykos: / Amaia Ruiz: 20 páginas yaoi

- Studio Hiel  :  - 8 pag. -yuri
- Alish:   - 5-10 pag -yuri
-Maricielo : (  - 20 páginas - yuri
Nobulilla- - 15 pag- yuri  
-Chica madera: 8 pag- aprox - yuri  

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